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Metrogate Meycauayan II apart from offering comfortable and classy homes also offers an array of facilities and amenities to benefit its residents to the core. It gives an opportunity to the residents to indulge in varying number of recreational activities. It is one of the best examples where comfort meets amusement. 

For all those basketball lovers, there is a massive basketball court well within the community. One can indulge in practicing the game as and when desired. Other games that you can indulge in playing with your friends and family are tennis as well as badminton. Metrogate Meycauayan II also accommodates one badminton as well as one tennis court such that your child can be left out in no field. Therefore, Metrogate Meycauayan II is undoubtedly an ideal residence for all the athletic individuals and fitness freaks. 

A giant swimming pool is all set to make your summer days cooler and refreshing. You can take a dip at any hour of the day when you have access to a swimming pool built right within your residing community. There are shower as well as changing rooms available where you can conveniently take an after shower and change. Having fun by the pool now is available to your convenient reach while residing at Metrogate Meycauayan II. You can invite your family and friends over and have fun to the fullest.

Another addition to the list of facilities and amenities that Metrogate Meycauayan II offers in a gigantic clubhouse complex. This massive sized complex incorporates a bar as well as a multipurpose hall which makes it easier for you to invite friends or host a party. No matter your guest list is small or huge, you can avail the services of the hall and host a party right at your residing complex. This saves you the time and energy of location hunting when you plan to throw a party. There are various additional activities that are available for the residents in the clubhouse complex. 

Metrogate Meycauayan II has taken special care of its younger residents and has incorporated a kid's pool in its unique design. Your child can have a fun time in the cool waters and you needn't take him/her anywhere away from the same. The kid's pool will serve the purpose of amusing the kids to the core. An addition to the amusement list of the kids is the playground. Owing to the well-being of the kids Metrogate Meycauayan II has also incorporated a huge playground within its premises such that the children of the community can have a playing space of their own.

Concluding, at Metrogate Meycauayan II the list of facilities and amenities seen to never end. In fact, this list is such that all the offerings for leading a luxurious lifestyle come in a single package named Metrogate Meycauayan II.

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