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Rediscover Meycauayan, Bulacan with Moldex's pride, Metrogate Meycauayan II. Strategically located near key establishments, convenience is within an arm's reach at your future Metrogate home.

Metrogate Meycauayan II is located in one of the most important locations. It is situated in Bulacan in Meycauayan City along Bahay Pare Road. The location even being a suburban area is conveniently provided with all the basic necessities that are essential for a healthy and luxurious lifestyle to bloom. The sides of the region are provided with concretely crafted sidewalks. There is an excellent drainage system that the area accommodates with various gutters available at some distance away from one another. 

Located a few minutes away from the official centers of Novaliches as well as Bulacan Metrogate Meycauayan II is ideal for quite many officials who desire to own a comfortable and luxurious resident that offers peaceful living with various included amenities and luxuries. Best of all, everything of basic need or luxury is just located either a walk away or a few minutes’ drive away. 

Metrogate Meycauayan II is located extremely close to Quezon City which makes its location one of prime importance. It is, therefore, just a matter of a few minutes’ drive to reach the city while residing at Metrogate Meycauayan II via the North Luzon Expressway. Other connectivity options include the Marilao Exit as well as the Meycauayan Exit. 

While choosing a location for the residing purpose one always looks for basic necessities such as schools, healthcare centers, marketplace etc. to be located in close vicinity. Metrogate Meycauayan II meets all these requirements as well failing no desire of its people. It is located close to various schools such as Pajo Elementary School as well as Camalig Elementary School. Having such educational institutions nearby your younger one requires no long distance traveling for hours. Instead, a whole lot of time can be saved and put to some productive use elsewhere. The Vicas Market is one multiple purpose market that is located in the close neighborhood of Metrogate Meycauayan II. One can head to this marketplace to shop for the basic necessities of day to day life. 

All in all, there are a number of key establishments that are located close to Location Metrogate Meycauayan II which makes this property worthy of your hard-earned money. It makes for such a location that gives you all that you require while relaxing in and around a peaceful environment that not just stands around peace but also offers a pollution free environment to live in.

Metrogate Meycauayan II Location

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